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  Emigration from Wales to America 
One of the first Welsh settlers was Howell Powell who left Brecon for Virginia in 1642. In 1660 Charles II was restored to the English throne and religious intolerance increased. The Court of Great Sessions in Bala, north Wales had threatened Quakers with burning. Welsh Quakers bought 40,000 acres in Pennsylvania and left for America in 1682. (Phew!) 

In 1683 Baptists from Mid and West Wales settled on the outskirts of Philadelphia and soon bought 30,000 acres further down the Delaware river.

Llanbrynmair became a noted source of emigrants to America as a result of the enthusiasm of a local cleric.  

19th century emigration was largely from the industrialised South of Wales (see South Wales and Monmouthshire).

The arrows on the map do not, of course, signify actual routes taken. The bulk of emigrants to America left via the English ports of Bristol and Liverpool.

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