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The Morris collection photograph album. 
The album contains 34 photographs the majority of which are of the type known as the "carte de visite". Each paper picture measures approximately 3.5 inches x 2.25 inches and is pasted on to a photographer's trade card of about 4 inches x 2.5 inches. This format was developed to allow several small exposures from one large photographic plate and became very popular from around 1858. There are also three Tintypes and one small unmounted portrait. The majority of the photographs are albumen prints and have the pale sepia appearance typical of these prints. Pressed inside the cover is part of a plant with long pale, silky fibres, perhaps a memory of an old cotton plantation. 
The album is inscribed on the flyleaf: "Mrs. C. L. Morris ...".

The images include examples from the earliest days of commercial photography. They are listed below in the order they appear in the album, which has a heavily embossed leather binding and metal clasp.  

Album dimensions approx. 5.5 inches x 7 inches.

Subject Photographer Handwriting on reverse Notes
1. Middle aged man seated. W. R. George, Sydney . .
2. Middle aged lady, seated. M. H. Kimball, Broadway, New York . Kimball is known to have worked in Broadway between 1857 and 1859. The crinoline skirt and the composition are typical of this date.
3. Young lady, head and shoulders, vignette. . E. G.? Morris. You will hardly believe she was ever Libby? Halve? she has grown so ...  
4. Young man, head and shoulders. M.?.?. Kimball, Concord, N. H. Lewis R. Morris Kimballs active in Concord 1849-1861
5. Middle aged lady, head and shoulders. F. Jewell, Scranton, PA Mrs. John C. Morris, 1878 Click to enlarge
6. Middle aged lady, seated. A. S. Avery, Morris, N.Y. US Inter. Rev. 2 cents, Playing Cards. Stamp attached to reverse. This might represent the US tax levied in the period September 1864 to August 1866.
7. Young man, seated. Camfield, Baker, Forbes. (Faded) James Victor Morris, 1878  
8. Middle aged man, seated R. W. Addis, Washington, D.C. Robt. H. Morris, Esq. Addis active in Washington in 1860.
9. Older man, small portrait vignette. Chas Paxson, Philadelphia. Lewis Lee Morris, born July 27th 1778, died 1853. Lewis Lee Morris was a grandson of Lewis Morris, the signer of the Declaration of Independence. This is a very early example of commercial photography (and the vignette effect).
10. Two boys, one standing, one seated. A. B. Tubbs, Binghamton, N.Y. Hamilton Fish Morris, aged 8 years ...
Charles Lee Morris aged 5 years ...
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11.Young lady with hat. Portrait vignette. Faded. H. M. Finley, Canandaigua, N.Y. Anna Lee Morris Mr. G.N. writes: "H M is probably Horace M. Finley, son of Marshall Finley. He was a photographer in the 1870 and 1900 US census (1860+1880 he is listed as artist)."
12. Older man with long beard. Head and shoulders. J. Watson, Queen St, Brisbane.   .
13. Apparently same man as above. Soft vignette. Faded Marquis, George Street, Brisbane.   .
14. Young lady, seated. Hutchison and Spliet   Brisbane? Australia.
15. As above, different angle. Hutchison and Spliet   Brisbane? Australia.
16. Middle aged lady, full length. Dark. Tintype.   Click to enlarge
17. Middle aged man, head and shoulders. Frank Jewell, Scranton, PA. John Cox Morris for his brother C.L.M. Taken in May 1874.  
18. Young man, seated. Faded. C. Drinkwater, Sydney.   .
19. Young lady, seated. Dark. Tintype.   .
20. Young lady, head and shoulders vignette. Badly faded. Hart's, Watertown, N.Y. Annie Woolsey? Morris, born Aug. 22nd 1856. Photo taken Oct. 1875. Charles S. Hart, active from 1855.
21. Young man, standing, full length. (C.) J. Watson, Queen Street, Brisbane   .
22. Young man, seated. J. W.Wilder, Rockhampton.   .
23. Middle aged man, head and shoulders. Faded. Finley and Sons, Canandaigua, N.Y. James Rutherford Morris. 50 years old on the 28th December 1877 "H M is probably Horace M. Finley, son of Marshall Finley. H. M. was a photographer in the 1870 and 1900 US census (1860+1880 he is listed as artist). George, another son of Marshall is listed in the 1870 census as a photographer. H. M. had just a daughter listed in 1880 census, but no sons. So maybe Finley & Sons is Marshall & Horace & George." (Thanks to Mr. G.N. of PA).
24. Young man, standing. Full length. (C.) .   .
25. Young lady, head and shoulders. Picture spotted. . Mary Cox Morris, June 10th 1865. Taken Jan. 1881  
26. Middle aged lady, seated.  Tintype.   .
27. Teenage girl. Portrait vignette. B.? H.? ?urman?, Rochester?   .
28. Boy, head and shoulders. Frank Jewell, Scranton, PA. Frederick Cox Morris, born Oct. 23rd 1858. Photo taken Apr. 1874  
29. Young lady, seated, full length. Picture stained. Wm. Elliot, Galt   .
30. Young lady, profile portrait. Finley and Sons, Canandaigua, N.Y. Laura Morris (and in pencil "Clarke"). See note about Finley, above.
31. Young woman, head and shoulders, profile. A small unmounted photograph, approx. 1.25 inches x 1.6 inches. Darling mother.  
32. Middle aged man, head and shoulders. F.W. Burford, Burnham Somerset   Burnham is about 20 miles from Bristol in England.
33. Middle aged man, seated. Friedlaender and Horwitz, No. 388 Bowery, New York.   .
34. Young man wearing hat. Head and shoulders. Le Rue Lemer, Harrisburg, PA. C? Morris. Compliments of C. Carmall? Morris. Born July 3,1862 Lemer active in 1860.

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