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The Morris collection seal matrix. 
The design of this seal contains the Latin "Tandem Vincitur", the Morris crest of the flaming tower and the intertwined initials "CLM".  

Approximate overall dimensions:
Positive (top picture): 2 inches x 1.45 inches x .3 inches.
Negative (lower picture): 1.2 inches x 1.45 inches x .3 inches.


According to the Phillipps Manuscript of around 1774 (as transcribed by Dr. C. Taylor in 1973) Lewis Morris was engaged in the Civil War sieges of Chepstow Castle in south Wales. "... and by cutting of the water which supplied the Castle and which runs through the Estate of Piercefield ... and also by setting fire to the castle he at length took it, and thence forth he and his family gave as their crest, this castle, on a rock in flames with this motto Tandem vincitur 'at length he is overcome', alluding to the obstinate resistance of Sir Nicholas Hemeys*"

*This is Sir Nicholas Kemeys of the old Monmouthshire family. J.W.    

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Illustration from an American publication, courtesy of Mr. John R. Morris. (Click to enlarge.)
The coat of arms of Morris County, New Jersey, features the Morris crest together with a shield. I presume that the coins on the shield commemorate the fact that Morris County was an early site for the minting of American coinage. Lewis Morris (1671-1746) was the first governor of New Jersey and Morris county was named in his honour  since he had been instrumental in bringing about the separation of New Jersey from her sister colony of New York.  


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